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Types of landmines in afghanistan

types of landmines in afghanistan Most of the land was mined from 1979 to the present day and is especially heavy along borders with Iran and Pakistan. 2. While most of the victims were from Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine and Yemen, the total carnage represented people in 56 countries. Historically, copper exists in Afghan provinces such as Herat, Farah, Kandahar, Kapisa, and Zabul. Both Afghanistan and Cambodia could double their agricultural production if land mines were eliminated. 00 for a Chinese Type 72 mine, $6. "We had no knowledge and awareness about the landmines," said Sakina Habibi, a mother of three who has just returned to Afghanistan after nearly 30 years in Pakistan and Iran. A. Tin and tungsten occurrences are abundant in Afghanistan, but require further studies to ascertain the size and style f these deposits. Afghan music is different from Western music in many ways, particularly in its scales, note intervals, pitch, and rhythm, but it is closer to Western than to Asian music. This is the munition that deposited these landmines on Misurata’s harbor late last week. Feb 2020. The IED has proved to be a cheap, relatively easy-to-use tool against both civilians and advanced Prohibition of Certain Types of Landmines. Afghanistan has over 1,400 mineral fields, containing barite, chromite, coal, copper, gold, iron ore, lead, natural gas, petroleum, precious and semi-precious stones, salt, sulfur, talc, and zinc, among many other minerals. The United States has allowed it military to deploy self-destruct landmines in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria reversing an Obama-era policy prohibiting the US from using land For the 3,078 cases where the device type was known: antipersonnel mines caused 715 casualties (23%), a decrease compared to 25% in 2007; antivehicle mines caused 440 casualties (14% up from 13% in 2007); unspecified mines caused 486 casualties (16% up from 11% in 2007); cluster munitions caused 125 casualties (4% down from 5% in 2007); Years of conflict have left Afghanistan strewn with landmines, which are often picked up by curious children. Landmines can have profound medical, environmental, and economic consequences, particularly for the civilian populations of those countries burdened with landmines. To understand the epidemiological patterns and risk factors for injury due to landmines and The cache found in Ghurian district, near the border with Iran, included artillery shells, land mines, and rocket-propelled grenade launchers with Chinese, Russian, and Persian markings on them. The data include geographic location of incident, victim demographics, type of injury, type of explosive involved, activity at the time of injury, and other HERAT -- Three decades after the defeat and withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan, Afghans continue to pay a heavy toll for the invasion. 5 Wide area mines 1. 1 Mines by type 1. Current Types of U. De-mining work has taken place in Afghanistan since 1989, clearing more than 18 million mines and explosive remnants of war, most of which were left by Soviet troops during the Afghan-Soviet war OSLO, Norway (AP) _ There are three basic types of anti-personnel mines, all of which are designed to maim as much as to kill. the use of the term "landmines" refers to antipersonnel landmines and not other types of mines, such Recent prices for conventional AP mines include $3. PFM-1 (Russian: ПФМ-1, short for противопехотная фугасная мина, protivopekhotnaya fugasnaya mina-1, "anti-infantry high-explosive mine 1"; NATO name: Green parrot, also known as butterfly mine) is a land mine of Soviet production, very similar to the BLU-43 US Army landmine. IEDs inflict more damage than landmines Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) inflict more serious injuries and are more likely to result in amputations than land mines, according to research looking at IED attacks in Afghanistan. 1 The device may cause damage either by a direct blast or by fragments that Afghanistan is believed to have significant deposits of emerald, ruby, kunzite, tourmaline and aquamarine; as well as deposits of spinel, garnet, amethyst, morganite and turquoise. There are two types of landmines that are mostly used during the conflict. In 2017, the most recent year for which full data is available, IEDs caused the most casualties of any mine type. Landmines. At least 30,000 Afghans civilians have been injured or killed by mines or other explosives since 1989, when mine clearing began after the Soviet The demining expert says that by the time peace finally came to Afghanistan with the U. Vietnam Land Mines, Civil War Land Mines, Russian Land Mines, WW2 Land Mines, Land Mine Types, Vietnam War Landmines, WWII Land Mines, Military Land Mines, Land Mine Bomb, WW1 Land Mines, Cambodia Land Mines, Modern Land Mine, German WW2 Land Mines, Land Mine Blowing Up, Land Mine Damage, Us Landmine, Land Mine Exploding, Claymore Mines Vietnam, Landmine Explosion, Tank Landmines, Afghanistan Anti-personnel landmines are “designed to be exploded by the presence, proximity or contact of a person and that will incapacitate, injure or kill one or more persons. They generally cause injury to legs and feet. S LIVELIHOODS ANALYSIS OF LANDMINE AFFECTED COMMUNITIES IN AFGHANISTAN MINE-ACTION COORDINATION CENTRE FOR AFGHANISTAN (MACCA) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Barry Pound, Anna Wood, Shah Zaman Farahi, Dr Rafi Popal, Ted Paterson, ***** On behalf of the May 2011 Abdul Qudous Ziaee and Samim Hashimi This is an image of cargo warhead (bottom) and the rocket and propellant with folded-up stabilizing fins (top), of the Chinese-made variant of the 122-millimeter Grad rocket that scatters Type 84 Model A antitank landmines. According to Croll, by the end of the war, the Germans had manufactured 16 different types of anti-tank mine, 10 different types of anti-personnel mine, and used many different types of improvised devices and captured mines. 1. To date, Mine Awareness Education in Afghanistan is a compilation of various initiatives, which have led to a collection of projects using a range of methodologies, curricula, messages and materials in a challenging attempt to meet the needs of the diverse socio-economic status and living conditions of the populations affected by landmines. (More sophisticated mines, for example those that self destruct after a preset time, are much more expensive, typically costing hundreds of dollars each. However, if you can find these gems large and clean (and low priced), they might be worth your consideration. According to the source, one key issue the law explains is the right to decision of all involved parties and the law anticipated the right to decision for each five types of contract awarding, in all different process of approval. Nearly half of the victims are children, with 84% being boys. 13. Individuals With Injuries From Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance per Month, by Explosive Type, in Afghanistan, March 2001-June 2002. Anti-tank or anti-vehicle landmines are designed to explode with the presence, proximity, or contact of a vehicle, but the presence of a person is not normally enough to trigger them. 1. Social cost of land mines in four countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, and Mozambique. soldiers killed or injured totals 177 casualties (13 percent). 1 Fragmentation and stake mines 1. Civilians In a tent inside a refugee camp on the outskirts of Kabul, a family was recently shown the various types of explosive device they may well encounter. The Afghan Special Forces also confiscated 10 mortar rounds, 207 RPG rockets, 150 Improvised Explosive Devices, 50 remote-controlled landmines, 350 different types of ammunition rounds, 20 hand grenades, 320 kgs of explosives, and 234 equipments to be used in landmines. Dagger indicates munitions such as grenades, bombs, or mortar shells. 4 million tons of rare earth elements such as lanthanum, cerium and This includes improvised types that act as antipersonnel mines (also called improvised mines), cluster munition remnants, and other ERW. The largest lead/zinc deposit is in Kandahar province and contains 90,000 MTs of these minerals. Asterisk indicates landmine includes antipersonnel and antitank landmines. State Department estimates landmine/unexploded ordnance-related casualties at over 2,400 during the year 2000 and that nearly 948 square kilometers of land had been landmine/UXO-contaminated. In addition to the new explosive detritus, Afghanistan is still grappling with the legacy of mines from the Afghan-Soviet war in the 1980s and the civil war in the 1990s. According to the United Nations Mine Action Program for Afghanistan (MAPA), landmines and UXO contaminate 724 million square meters of land. 2 Studies have shown that 48% of vic-tims may die before receiving assistance and most will Afghanistan is bordered by Pakistan to the east and south; Iran to the west; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan to the north; and China to the northeast. As part of the ongoing humanitarian mine action program in Afghanistan, the Office of Humanitarian Demining Programs in the U. Recent Mine Use in Central Asia. 9,897 antitank mines, and 1,305,558 different types Afghanistan is one of the most heavily land-mined countries in the world. Participants A total of 1636 individuals injured by landmines and unexploded ord-nance, March 2001 through June Demining Afghanistan: a UNMAS-IRU partnership Working together for a better future. For many, it is the only steady employment they have known. S. There are 10 million landmines left in the Afghani ground after the decades of wars. The United States has not signed or ratified the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty but has refrained from using antipersonnel land mines since 1991 — with the exception of a single mine in Afghanistan in A land mine is an explosive device, concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or disable enemy targets as they pass over or near the device. Landmine/UXO contamination in Afghanistan has resulted from all of the different phases of conflict. S. Fragmentation mines are placed above ground and are triggered by a trip wire In February, Giles returned to Afghanistan for a Channel 4 documentary called ‘Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline’, illustrating how the legacy of landmines and other explosive weapons landmines buried in a variety of soil conditions including various types of vegetation will be detected with XBT. Land mines and unexploded ordnance left by Soviet troops have killed 588 people and wounded 887 in the past 10 years in Afghanistan, according to the Mine Action Co-ordination Centre of Afghanistan OBJECTIVE: To understand the epidemiological patterns and risk factors for injury due to landmines and unexploded ordnance. In 2018, Landmine Monitor recorded 6,897 people killed or HALO’s programme in Afghanistan is completely Afghan-led, with an ethnically diverse workforce of over 2,600 staff, recruited directly from towns and villages affected by landmines. They include mines from Britain, Belgium, China Out of these countries Afghanistan is the country widely considered to have the greatest number of landmines. The OMAR Mine Museum in Kabul displays 51 of the 53 types of landmines used in Afghanistan. Photographer Wiki There are 42 different varieties of land mines currently in use in Afghanistan. Even though most countries have signed on to the landmine ban, there’s still a large global stockpile among treaty signatories, which are allowed to retain mines “for training and research”. The Afghanistan Landmine Impact Survey (ALIS), conducted between 2003 and 2004, identified 2,571 Landmines in Afghanistan Collection of photos by A. ) More than 120,000 people were killed or injured by landmines between 1999-2017, according to research by Landmine Monitor. 3 Over 20 years of civil conflict have left Afghanistan heavily contaminated with land mines and ERW. Afghanistan, where the civilian toll continues to hover near record highs as its conflict intensifies, topped the list of landmine casualties in 2018. The Type 72 antipersonnel mine is a small, plastic-bodied device that has seen widespread use in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kuwait, and increasingly throughout Africa. Afghanistan is one of the countries most affected by injuries due to landmines and unexploded ordnance. " Mines are no longer exclusively emplaced by hand. development of new types of anti-personnel mines which can be deployed from aircraft has contributed to the proliferation of landmine use in recent decades. 2 billion tons of iron ore, 1. 47 for U. Prior to October 7, 2001, the known contaminated area was estimated at 724 million square meters, including 344 million square meters classified as high priority land for clearance. S. S. weapons deployed during the Vietnam War—still litter Afghanistan after decades of According to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) 1: “Landmines are now a daily threat in Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia, Cambodia, Chechnya, Croatia, Iraq, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Somalia, and dozens of other countries. There are two basic types: antitank mines designed to destroy or damage vehicles, especially tanks; and lighter antipersonnel mines. Such mines come in various shapes and sizes. 5 million people were facing “Crisis” or worse levels of food insecurity in September 2018 and at least 300,000 people internally displaced due to drought. In 2009 my friend and fellow SEAL Dan Cnossen stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan. S. 2 Anti-personnel mines 1. Blast mines are hidden underground and triggered when stepped on. 4AHM-100 mine; AHM-200 mine; AHM-200-1 mine; AHM-200-2 mine; Anti-Transport Mine; Helkir mine; PMN-150 mine; PMN-250 mine; TEMP 20 In Afghanistan, landmines continue to kill and maim many people. 3 Full width mines 1. Landmines were a key factor during the battles at El Alamein and Kursk, among others. Afghans celebrate their Afghanistan has significant deposits of copper. 2 Moreover, in Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Abdulhaq Square (Abdulhaq circle), Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghanistan may hold 60 million tons of copper, 2. Landmine Monitor, the research arm of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, reported 8605 casualties from landmines in 2016, with 2089 deaths. The types of mines used include antipersonnel mines and antivehicle mines. 7 Exports to mine-affected countries 32 2. ” As they are not able to distinguish between civilians and combatants, are hard to safely destroy or remove, and often fail to self-destruct or self-deactivate, landmines continue to inflict human suffering long after a . more than 1,400 Afghans were killed or injured by land mines and other explosives, a number that has tripled since Afghanistan is one of the countries most affected by mines and ERW, mainly the result of the decade-long war of resistance that followed the Soviet invasion of 1979, the 1992–1996 internal armed conflict, and the United States (US)-led coalition intervention in late 2001, which added considerable quantities of UXO. Wide area mines. our company leasing mines in afghanistan and pakistan , upgrading minerals ,trading locally exporting to abroad. View Large Download. One is anti-tank and another is anti-personnel. The most common types of anti-personnel mines in Afghanistan frequently cause immediate fatality. If you have resale plans, be advised that these varieties are more difficult to sell. Mines recognize no cease -fire and long after the fighting has stopped they continue to maim or kill. Within each of these categories, there are many subcategories. Anti-personnel mines are primarily designed to be exploded by the presence, proximity, or contact of a person and to incapacitate, injure, or kill. The possession or use of anti-personnel land mines is prohibited by the Anti-Personnel Mines Convention signed in 1997 by over 100 states. 75 for the Pakistani P4 MK2 mine and $27. Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world, posing an ever-present danger to civilians. One of the biggest threats they face now are landmines, left from either the Soviet invasion or the Detail 4 *estimated 50% of Afghan villages were destroyed, and an estimated 25% of paved roads destroyed *Deminers have found the Valmara 69 mine, made in Italy in Afghanistan 10 facts About Landmines in Afghanistan Types of mines *scatter bombs *Directional fragmentation mines Mines contaminate 33 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces. Land mines are typically used to disrupt or prevent the massed attack of tanks and/or infantry. The anti-personnel mine is the most lethal and explodes even with a gentle pressure of a child. Kabul is the capital and largest city. Widely used in Afghanistan, the Soviet PFM-1 scatterable pressure-sensitive blast mine is also known as the "butterfly mine" because of its shape, which unfortunately attracts children who think it is a toy. Some of these mines are fitted with anti-handling devices to slow up the demining process. Roughly 50 different types of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines have been identified during the clearance to a UNDHA report. They are triggered by contact and are usually buried either under the ground or above it. 1. -backed toppling of the Taliban in 2001, the total number of land mines had increased substantially. - Lack of funds - grams of explosive and are often called “toe poppers” based upon their effect. Afghanistan is one of the three most heavily mined countries in the world. There were at least 1,544 child casualties in 2016, the highest annual total since the Monitor began its recording in 1999. Afghanistan is said to be one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. 4 Side attack mines 1. Project researcher Simon Ostergaard says the plant could be used to help find landmines in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Angola and Cambodia. Wounding a soldier means other troops have to leave battle to help the victim. The Soviet PMN and PMN2 blast mines contain a large amount of explosive with the possibility of fatal results. This appendix provides descriptions of currently available antipersonnel landmines (APL) and some antitank (AT) mines that are part of mixed systems (see Table C-1). campaign in Afghanistan ends. However, there were no copper mines in operation in 2006 due to increased violence from the Taliban. By 1999, both the Taliban and the ousted government of Burhanuddin Rabbani had made statements in support of a comprehensive ban on anti-personnel landmines. He says the plant, a type of Thale cress Afghanistan also has significant amounts of lead, zinc, tin, tungsten, and mercury. 1. DESIGN AND SETTING: Analysis of surveillance data on landmine and unexploded ordnance injuries in Afghanistan collected by the International Committee of the Red Cross in 390 health facilities in Afghanistan. Spent a Half Billion on Mining in Afghanistan With ‘Limited Progress’ The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has labelled yet another project in danger of failing. 1 ANTI-PERSONNEL LANDMINES Dozens of types of land mines have been uncovered in Afghanistan, mostly from the former USSR, but also ones from the US, the UK, Belgium, and Italy. Most improvised mine casualties in 2017 occurred in Afghanistan (1,093) and Syria (887). 1. now has copper ore,chrome ore,irone ore,magnase ore, bioxite,graphite, silica quartz, mica, soaf stone granide, Address:kabul wazir akbar khan Business type:Trading Company. In February 2011, TIME photographer Marco Grob went to Afghanistan to support the work of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS). A standard antitank mine contains about 5 kg of explosives and weighs about 9 kg in all. Department of State's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs arranged for the rapid destruction of over 10,000 anti-tank landmines strewn in an unsecured ammunition supply point in Afghanistan's Kandahar Province. While landmines may be outlawed, IEDs continue to be used in conflict – often by non-state actors in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen. The companies which are going to express their interest must contact with ([email protected] Self-destruct mechanisms are not 100 percent reliable. Afghans have lived through decades of war and instability. It also houses a variety of other military hardware from wars fought in the country in recent decades. Mine clearance teams in Afghanistan report finding literally dozens of types of landmines, mainly from the ex-USSR, but also from Belgium, Italy, US and the UK. - Lack of funds - More than one million people in Afghanistan are affected by landmines and explosive remnants of war. They are grouped into two broad categories: Anti-Personnel (AP) mines and Anti-Vehicle (AV) mines, also commonly referred to as Anti-Tank mines. Such devices are typically detonated automatically by way of pressure from the target stepping or driving on it, though other detonation mechanisms may be possible. 2 Shaped charge/Misznay Schardin effect 1. And massive contamination, of a total area of more than 100 square kilometres per country, is believed to exist in nations including Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Turkey and Yemen. For example the PMN 2 These 81 casualties were not directly attributed to U. An estimate by The HALO Trust in 1997 put the figure of landmines at 6,20,000. who grew up in Afghanistan before finding safe haven in As Afghanistan is a war torn and worst off country, the IEA requests the international community to provide further financial and technical assistance to mine action operations in Afghanistan to enhance these efforts in order to get rid of the landmines and release the people of Afghanistan from dangers and worries of landmines as soon as possible. There is no government initiative to track landmines, and so figures are generally totaled from news stories and locals. landmines, but rather to Iraqi or unknown types of landmines. There are currently more than 600 different types of landmines, as well as many improvised mines made by military (opposite) forces engaged in fighting. The most affected areas, other than hillsides, are In addition to the new explosive detritus, Afghanistan is still grappling with the legacy of mines from the Afghan-Soviet war in the 1980s and the civil war in the 1990s. gov. S. More than a million Russian-made PFM-1 land mines—the most common butterfly type, possibly inspired by similar U. Afghanistan’s minefields: Living amongst landmines. MINED AREA BY TYPE OF LAND 10000000E TOTAL: 6,728,291 Sqm MCPA Road I Agri -Land Irrigation Land Type Grazing Residential GENERAL: Kapisa, north -east of Kabul, is one of the mountainous provinces of Afghanistan. Four different stones are described below, but Afghanistan also has occurrences of other stones such as aquamarine, amethyst, and topaz. The problem of landmines in Afghanistan spans decades, beginning with the Soviet invasion of 1979 and its decade-long occupation of the country, during which the Soviet military deployed millions of landmines across Afghanistan and along its borders. While many nations may continue to possess and use anti-personnel land mines, the CF [Canadian Forces] is bound not to do so. Egypt as a Case Study Egypt has been listed as the country most contaminated by landmines in the world with an estimate of approximately 23,000,000 landmines. It was provided to me overnight by Hafed Makhlouf, the supervisor of Misurata’s Mining companies in Afghanistan are wantonly exploiting the country’s mineral resources with little or no taxes and royalties going to the government. 1. Butterfly mines, used by the Soviets in Afghanistan explode when compressed and PNM mines, common throughout Eastern Europe detonate when stepped on. Occupying 652,000 square kilometers (252,000 sq mi), it is a mountainous country with plains in the north and southwest. The most important argument for XBT, however, is the fact that XBT in contrast to all other detection methods is a direct imaging technique. We have already seen good examples of the Afghani kunzite, morganite and turquoise here in Thailand. The Landmine Protocol of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons (to which the United These mines are scattered (or remotely-delivered) from the air with little precision, there is no way to accurately Landmines in Afghanistan Afghanistan is among the countries most severely affected by landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO). In 2016, landmines caused at least 3,570 casualties— including factory-made antipersonnel mines (732), victim-activated improvised mines (1,805), antivehicle mines (495), and unspecified mine types (538). Table 5: German anti-vehicle mines with likely anti-personnel capabilities 29 United States 31 Table 6: US anti-vehicle mines with likely anti-personnel capabilities 31 2. Overview: Vast stretches of road between Kabul and neighbouring countries have been rendered impassable due to landmines and other remnants of war. Anti-vehicle mines are usually used on or along roadways and other transportation lanes to prevent the movement of enemy vehicles. Landmines — and similar types of unexploded ordnance — aren’t like other weapons of war. 2. The surveys verified all the major Soviet finds. Gemstones include high-quality emerald, lapis lazuli, red garnet and ruby. Afghanistan is already one of the countries most severely affected by landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO). There are two main types of landmines: anti-personnel landmines, aimed at killing Both Afghanistan and Cambodia could double their agricultural production if land mines were eliminated. In Afghanistan, landmine survivors make up a small fraction of the nearly three per cent of the population that is registered as having a disability, according to UNMAS. 8 Deployed anti-vehicle mines: the humanitarian impact 32 Afghanistan 33 Angola 33 Bosnia 34 Burundi 34 Ethiopia/Eritrea 34 Kenya 35 almemaar gems and mining co. Country of Origin: United States of America. 1 Anti-vehicle mines 1. Egypt as a Case Study Egypt has been listed as the country most contaminated by landmines in the world with an estimate of approximately 23,000,000 landmines. Mahpekay Sediqi, who works at Kabul Orthopedic Organisation in Afghanistan, echoed the importance of having the latest data to hand: “As of now, the donors Data on landmine- and UXO-related injuries were obtained from the United Nations Mine Action Center for Afghanistan (UN MACA), which conducts surveillance for these injuries in Afghanistan. Exactly how many landmines lie undiscovered around the Dogs and rats can be trained to sniff out some types of explosive chemicals. The pain and suffering for countless victims of land-mines around the world is staggering. The book lists about 30 types of mines found in Afghanistan, including those left by the Soviets or provided by other countries to the moujahedeen. Anti-vehicle landmines are designed to explode when at least 200 kilograms of pressure is applied - or when a car, jeep, truck or tank drives over them. Afghanistan - Afghanistan - The arts and cultural institutions: In music and dance, a revival of traditional folksinging has gone hand in hand with the imitation of modern Western and Indian music. Land mines were used widely in the Second World War and were de In a tent inside a refugee camp on the outskirts of Kabul, a family was recently shown the various types of explosive device they may well encounter. 2 Shaped Some varieties of beryl, such as golden heliodor, yellow beryl, and colorless goshenite, don’t have the market of aquamarine and morganite. The first is that the danger will not disappear even after the U. M19, anti tank blast mine. M18A1 claymore mines. The 2018-drought directly affected more than two-thirds of Afghanistan (22 out of total 34 provinces) with around 10. For example, a “fragmentation mine” is a type of anti-personnel mine that sprays metal fragments through the air when it explodes. PURPOSE AND USE Landmines are explosives. Contracting of mines has been susceptible to political influence, there is little accountability and sometimes conflicts with local communities have led to violence and deaths. These deaths comprise of a wide range of ages and a split of genders. The economic impact of mines in the surveyed areas is not as great as was expected. Blast victim Dr. Click here to download a brochure on the Gemstones of Afghanistan. The four issues include the right to decision, the bidding process, categorization of mines and reality rate. If current presidential policy continues, all of the pure APL described here, with the exception of the Claymore, will be unavailable to the U. The vast majority of landmine contamination in Afghanistan emanates from the 1980s when the The U. S. Over 64,000 casualties and more than 25,000 amputees have been recorded since 1979. af) to obtain the (NDA) and (PQQ) forms and then submit them along with the EoI form. The estimates are still high enough to place Afghanistan among one of the 12 heavily mine-affected countries of the world. In Cambodia, one out of every 236 people is an amputee and in Afghanistan, nearly one out of every 50 Afghans is a landmine victim. Landmines laid during the ousting of the Khmer Rouge in 1979 and throughout the 80s and 90s have had a devastating impact on the people of Cambodia. "We had no knowledge and awareness about the landmines," said Sakina Habibi, a mother of three who has just returned to Afghanistan after nearly 30 years in Pakistan and Iran. S. The U. S. Scary. The devastating effects of land mines are This is hopefully a complete list of land mines. However, huge numbers can still be found in countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Bosnia in 390 health facilities in Afghanistan. Canada has already ratified the Convention. The most infamous mine used during the Soviet Union's occupation period was the so-called 'butterfly' mine. Casualties from improvised mines (not included among casualties recorded as from factory-made antipersonnel mines, antivehicle mines, or other unspecified types of mines)were identified in 18 states in 2017. But 58 countries remain contaminated with landmines. It's one of the most mined countries in the world, It's estimated that up to 640,000 mines Today, mine clearance teams in Afghanistan still find literally dozens of types of landmines, mainly from former Soviet Union but also from Belgium, Italy, the United States and Britain. Today, mines can be delivered by artillery, mortar, or aircraft. 1. M93 HORNET mine; Anti-helicopter mines. Surveillance data were used to describe injury trends, injury types, demographics, and risk behaviors of those injured and explosive types related to landmine and unexploded ordnance incidents. Raffaele Ciriello (taken in 1995 & 1996) Deminer from a private British company “Halo Trust”, on the road from Kabul to Charikar This man is one of the most beloved foreigners in all of Afghanistan. 1 Blast mines 1. While not expected to be encountered, there are two antidisturbance variants of the Type 72. Figure. Here we've got the photos and description of 15 different types of landmines that are mostly used in Afghanistan. Over 30 different types of mines have been found there. If, however, unexploded ordnance (UXO) from cluster munitions or other UXO casualties are included, the number of U. In 2018, at least 1,415 Afghan civilians were killed or injured by landmines and Some countries, such as Afghanistan, Angola, and Cambodia, have approximately 10 million landmines each (2). During the last two decades of warfare, mines were laid anywhere there was fighting -- which, of course, was just Directional fragmentation mines are often planted around foxholes or used against convoys, and can sometimes be activated by a simple remote-control switch. S. 5 million people being most severely affected (of the total 17 million in these 22 provinces). Over forty people are killed or injured every month. types of landmines in afghanistan